Factors to Consider When Buying a Button Spy Camera

Spy cameras are among the latest technologies that are meant to solve problems, and these gadgets are mainly used for spying. These cameras especially the button cameras come in different shapes, sizes and with different features that suit one’s taste

Camera Positioning

The most important factor to consider when purchasing a spy camera is positioning. And this is crucial because it will determine whether the video recorded is taken at right angles and positions. A button spy camera can be placed in several places like in glasses which is considered one of the best spy areas. They can also be placed in other areas like on the collars of shirts even up to the sleeves. Note that before going for a button spy camera, you should ensure that the camera chose matches with the outfit you wear so that people will not be suspicious.simple spy camera


Having known about camera positioning, the second factor to consider is the ease to use. When choosing a button spy camera, ensure that it is easy to use. Complicated button cameras make it hard to start recording, and this can cause suspicion and cause unnecessary attention from other people. One should opt for a camera that can be controlled remotely which is ideal, compared to those that work after pressing a button.

Loop Recording.

For long video recording ensure that the camera has a loop recording
feature. And you should know that this feature allows the camera to continue recording non-stop even after the storage is full. This is done by overwriting the existing files and replacing them with new data. But if the existing files are essential, you should ensure that a copy is stored in your laptop or any other machine to avoid loss of sensitive files.

Battery Life.

Last but not least, when buying a hidden button camera, ensure that it has a long and durable battery life. Cameras that record for a short period lets take for example ten to twenty minutes are usually unreliable. Therefore, if you want to get the most from a camera, you should go for the one that lasts for long hours. Cameras with more extended recording hours are reliable since they often do not require charging and can not disappoint you when recording an event.