Top 5 Headphone Brands 2017

When it comes to headphone selection, choosing the top brands is an assurance of getting the best headphones. You minimize chances of disappointments when you need to choose one from good headphone brands. In the year 2017, we have five headphone brands that produce high-quality headphones that you can trust. Here are the leading headphone brands that you should consider buying headphones from in the year 2017.

The leading headphone brands in 2017

Beats studio

Beats studio is one of the leading headphone brands in the headphoneworld. As a world leader, this brand produces high-quality headphones that meet the exact specifications of their customers. There is a wide range of choice that you will get. For all these choices, some of the most admirable features such as noise cancellation and good bass are present. You can also order a customized headphone if you are looking for something specific.


As a leading headphone brand, Audeze has a wide range of headphones for different uses. All the headphones here are of superior quality. One of the most notable features that Audeze headphones have is a good bass. If you want headphones with deep bass, then you should consider buying one from this brand. The headphones might be a little pricey but worth buying.


This is a top brand popular among professionals. The brand produces high-quality headphones that suit professionals in the music industry. If you are a producer, deejay, or any other professional in the music industry, you should consider buying a headphone from this brand. If you are not a professional, you can buy from this brand to get a different experience from a headphone. The headphones are famous for their excellent sound quality and lucidity.


black headphoneSony is among the oldest brands in the manufacturing of headphones. However, the brand still makes it as one of the best in 2017. From Sony, you can get a quality headphone with good sound quality. All their headphones have noise cancellation. There are also wireless headphones that you can get from Sony.


It is a famous brand in the world known for manufacturing high-quality headphones with good and very deep bass. DJs and mixers love Pioneer for the headphones have an excellent sound quality with good noise cancellation. There are different models of Pioneer headphones that you can select. The good thing is that there is quality in all the headphones manufactured by Pioneer.