Selecting The Right Drones

So you are thinking of owning a drone? The unmanned aerial vehicle has recently gained popularity, and we often find people around us are using drones for various uses. From entertainment uses until commercial and research uses, drones have been proven to make our life easier. Now if you are on the way to buy one, do take a look on a list of things you need to take note for selecting the right drone for you.

Define Your Needs

As we already know well, a drone can be used for many activities. Whether you intend to use the drones for commercial purposes or personal uses only, there are specific drones to cater to your needs. Learn the feature of the drone that you are going to buy and adjust to your necessities. For example, you would not need a far too sophisticated technology if you only want to use the drones for your flight hobby. Or if you are involved in movies production projects that required hi-tech drones, do not hesitate to splurge. That way you can keep your purchase more efficient. If you’re on a tight budget, here is a link of some budget drones for you.

Learn Type of Drones

droneThere are a lot of types of drones, and the first thing you need to learn in the flying types. Not all drones are sold ready to fly; some drones require prior assembling and additional setup to fly. No need to worry, if you are looking for a camera drone or toy drone, as most of them are sold ready to fly. But if you are looking for a more professional drone, you need to notice the flying types. Commonly, there are three types of drones in the market, Ready-to-fly drones like as mentioned, bind and fly drones, and almost ready to fly drones. Bind and fly drones come without a controller, so you have to find the controller that usually sold separately. Almost ready to fly drones will need prior assembling before be able to fly.

Drones and Their Accessories

When you are buying a drone, the case is you are not only buying a drone. Even a toy drone will need accessories. Besides the charger that is usually included with the drone purchase, at the very least you will need a spare of extra batteries, spare propellers, and some guards. Check the brand which you are looking for. Do they also sold the accessories or you have to find from another brand? Also check the model that you are aiming for, whether the drone will be needing a supporting prop or it already okay just as it is.

Things to Consider When Getting A Drone

Getting your first drone might seem like an easy task. After all, it’s just a toy helicopter with a camera, right? No, it isn’t. A toy helicopter wouldn’t cost you more than $200, while a drone is much more expensive and requires more understanding and maintenance. Still doesn’t know much about drones? Read more of this article because we’re about to tell you what you should consider before getting a drone.

drone mountain A Compatible Mobile Device

The first thing you’ll need to know is if your mobile device is compatible with the drone you’re going to get. Higher quality drones require the most updated smartphones. Usually, people would go for Android phones such as the latest Samsung Galaxy S9, because it has the right ratio and specs to receive images from the drone. You can also use an IOS phone, but a lot of reviews have stated that it is much more complicated since the only apps available there are the ones that are partnered with Apple. Apple phones are also known to run out of storage quickly, even with the 64 GB phone, because of its dependence to iCloud.

Flying Guidelines and Registration

You should also read on flying guidelines for drones. There is even a registration that you need to have to fly drones in some parts of the State. Be sure to check on this and get your registration before buying your drone, or not too long after. There is also a flying etiquette you have to follow when flying drones in an area where other people would fly drones as well. In concerts, for example, you should be aware of those who are flying their drones and make arrangements so your drone doesn’t crash to another. Avoid flying your drone too close to other people, as it is very dangerous. There have been cases of people’s hair getting stuck or chopped because a drone got too close to them.

drone skyType of Drone and Quality

This is not the last thing you should consider, it has to be one of the firsts. The type of drone you get and the quality it has will determine everything, from flying guidelines to the ease of control to the type of footage you’ll be able to get. There are small drones that cannot fly very far away from the remote, so you won’t be able to get footages of the mountain or the sunset from high above. There are bigger drones that can get a bird’s eye point of view type of footage, but requires more skill to control because it has to go against strong wind and avoid birds.