Applications Of SMS Marketing

There are multiple ways in which the business can capitalize on its bulk SMS platforms. Besides using SMS to make announcements or confirmation, SMS marketing can be applied progressively to boost customer loyalty on a product, boost sales conversion rates, and inform the customer of product availability as well as creating sustainable business relationships. Additionally, the potential of an SMS to reach a significantly high number of the target market makes it the most preferred marketing tool in business since it is timely, specific and offers direct feedback from consumers.  Below are the basic applications of SMS marketing in business;


Market analysis

woman holding phoneThrough a bulk SMS platform service, it becomes easy to assess how the business is responding to the sent information through clicks or engagements made. As a result, one can determine which customers are actively engaged with the business and the loyalty that is accorded to the products or services offered. Moreover, the feedback received may act to inform whether the campaign was progressive or not.

Target market reach

SMS marketing is intended to reach the target market which then rebounds and translates into market results. Target marketing through SMS marketing serves to convert potential customers into active and loyal customers. Moreover, it gives the business the chance to inform on current offers and deals that are rewarding to the customer and that best address their needs and preference. This also greatly informs on the brand availability in select stores or outlets.

Inform, persuade and convince

Marketing involves informing, persuading and convincing both existing and potential buyers on the product or service being offered. As a result, this will trigger some reaction or action in response to the product. This can be a good way to convince people as well as inform them on the market availability of the product. Sms marketing greatly reduces the costs involved in direct marketing and is far much convincing than most typical marketing and advertising channels.

Integrates with CRM

Reliable data is considered a competitive edge in business. Therefore, integrating the SMS marketing into an existing customer relationship management system ensures that the company can customize or personalize information to meet and address the specific or unique information gap on product knowledge, availability and product pricing. Also, this will inform of seasonal deals that favor the customer and thereby convert into sales.

Market research

woman on phoneBusinesses can use the SMS platform to conduct customer surveys that aren’t too shallow or too big. As a result, the information generated will inform the organization of the best way to address the market and how to improve on service delivery, product quality, and time utility among others.